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Son of Semele Ensemble (SoSE) is a Los Angeles-based ensemble theatre company comprised of 25+ actors, directors, designers, dramaturgs and producers. We develop and produce innovative theatrical productions, and through a variety of programs we support the work of like-minded artists who are taking bold steps in their work.



We believe the impact of a theatrical experience should resonate beyond the theater door. As an ensemble of artists, we integrate complex design and performance, producing theatre that embraces the friction between emotion and intellect. Through a process of discovery, collaboration and creative risk-taking, we illuminate and amplify universal questions. To that end, we make an earnest commitment to the artistic sustainability of the greater community.

Son of Semele
3301 Beverly Boulevard (@ Hoover)
Los Angeles, CA 90004



Lamentations of the Pelvis (2014)

by Sybil O'Malley

directed by Becca Wolff


Civilization: all you can eat (2013)

by Jason Grote

directed by Don Boughton

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