Son of Semele Ensemble (SoSE) is a Los Angeles-based ensemble theatre company comprised of 25+ actors, directors, designers, dramaturgs and producers. We develop and produce innovative theatrical productions, and through a variety of programs we support the work of like-minded artists who are taking bold steps in their work.



We believe the impact of a theatrical experience should resonate beyond the theater door. As an ensemble of artists, we integrate complex design and performance, producing theatre that embraces the friction between emotion and intellect. Through a process of discovery, collaboration and creative risk-taking, we illuminate and amplify universal questions. To that end, we make an earnest commitment to the artistic sustainability of the greater community.

Lamentations of the Pelvis (2014)

by Sybil O'Malley

directed by Becca Wolff


Civilization: all you can eat (2013)

by Jason Grote

directed by Don Boughton

Son of Semele
3301 Beverly Boulevard (@ Hoover)
Los Angeles, CA 90004




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