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Dime Short Poster with Laurels.jpg

Dime Short is a timeless drama in a roadside diner at the heart of America. The diner is home to small town souls with big time problems. How do they respond to adversity? How do they rise above the hardship? Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper.


produced by Noggin Sauce Pictures

starring Tim Brennen and Laura Carson

written by Laura Carson

directed by Krista Gano

cinematography by Aaron Kopp

edited by William Haugse



Inwood Film Festival 2017, NY, NY

I wrote Dime Short in response to the economic crash of 2008 when thousands of hard-working, "successful" Americans suddenly found themselves unemployed and/or homeless with nothing left to show for their once comfortable lives. How do we as a society come back from such troubled times and not leave folks behind?

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